Tips and tutorials

It’s possible to build a fortune through online trading if you use the right tools and you are patient enough to learn the ropes.

Online trading through the Bit Index AI is quite easy. However, you need to follow the trading instructions carefully to get the best out of the tools.

Moreover, you should observe the general trading rules for better results. Find an in-depth discussion of these trading tips below.

Follow a trading plan

A trading plan will help you stay disciplined in the rapidly changing crypto markets. This will ensure that all the presenting trading opportunities are exploited. Bit Index AI comes with the resources to help you build quality trading plans.

Protect your trading capital

Risk management is extremely important in all trading. You have a high chance of success if you have a robust risk management strategy. Traders who ignore risk management are bound to fail. Among our tools are resources to help you develop and implement quality risk management strategies.

Follow market news and events

Keeping tabs on what is happening in the markets will help you identify and capitalize on opportunities as they arise. You should enable notifications on our news feed to receive market updates after every one hour. Also, pin our events calendar on your desktop for reminders on planned volatility-driving events. The nonfarm payroll is a good example of such events.

Risk what you can afford

You should never put all your savings in one basket. Diversify your portfolio accordingly with high-risk investments such as Bit Index AI only taking a small portion of your investment. The minimum deposit of USD250 is a good starting point.