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Powerful Trading Research Tools

Bit Index AI provides various tools to help users conduct high-quality trading research. These tools help you identify crypto CFDs with the highest potential and place bets on them. You can identify trading opportunities by researching through the news-trading and price trend analysis tools.


Straightforward Trading Process

You will find the trading research process to be quite straightforward. We offer our tools through high-quality brokers. Our tools integrate with the trading platforms provided by the linked brokers. You don’t have to master trading platforms like MT4 to trade with us. The brokers that support our tools offer highly customized user interfaces.


High-Quality Customer support services

You can access our customer support agents any time of the day, Monday through Friday. We are reachable through the live chat button on this page. You can also call us via mobile or landline or request a callback. We also do our best to reply to inquiries made through email within 24 hours.


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Bit Index AI Features


High success rate

Our trading tools increase the chances of success tenfold. Many of the traders using our tools report success from the first day of trading. We refine the data analysis process to ensure quality trades. The trades are derived from studying historical price trends and breaking news.


Variety of Tradable Assets

You can study up to 300 crypto CFDs using the Bit Index AI tools. These CFDs include crypto to fiat and crypto to crypto pairs. Our tools help users identify the most volatile pairs and capture trading opportunities as they arise.


Easy to use for complete beginners

Bit Index AI provides tools that make the trading process ten times easier. We offer the best platform and tools for beginners. Any beginner should be able to use our trading tools successfully after a few hours of practice.


Why Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the Game Changer in Crypto Trading?

We live in an age where intelligent machines are taking over the world. AI technology is the heart of intelligent machines.

AI-driven computer programs are disrupting trading and investing at breathtaking speeds. Today, the most successful day traders and long-term investors rely on AI-driven computer programs to conduct trading research.

AI enables computer algorithms to analyze relevant big data for signals at high speeds and accuracy. Experts conclude that the best AI-driven day trading tools increase the chances of success by more than ten times.

The same applies to the tools for analyzing medium to long-term investments. Day trading involves capitalizing on short-term crypto movements. On the other hand, long-term investing involves buying an asset for long-term gains.

Bit Index AI is a day trading platform. We provide tools to help you conduct news study and price trend analyses to predict short-term price movements. Our trading research tools recommend trading signals for execution.

All the signals are delivered through the underlying broker. The provided trading research tools embed with the proprietary platforms provided by our partner brokers. These tools also modify the user interface to offer a game-like trading experience. Most users report that the trading experience is fun.

We are working hard to maintain a great reputation. Our technical team is working hard to ensure that our trading tools are always relevant in the highly dynamic crypto markets. Bit Index AI has earned the top position among the leading bitcoin trading platforms for the third year in a row.

Any complete beginner willing to follow simple instructions should find our trading platform easy to use. All the tools under this platform are AI-driven to simplify the trading research and order placing process.

We provide adequate resources to help the complete beginner prepare adequately before trading on a live account. The Bit Index AI tools should make the trading process completely easy. You should find your way around our tools within hours of preparation. Use our powerful demo platform to familiarize yourself with all the tools before proceeding to live trading.

The Bit Index AI trading tools improve your trades for successful trading. However, it doesn’t guarantee performance. The crypto industry is always super volatile and, therefore, quite risky. You should use the risk appetite test on the trading resources page to determine if this is the right investment for you.

Trading crypto through our tools is worth the risk but never with all your savings. Start small and reinvest most of the returns for growth.

Bit Index AI and Machine Learning: How our Trading Tools maintain the top Performance in the Highly Volatile Crypto Markets!

Machine Learning (ML) is one of the subsets of Artificial Intelligence (AI) disrupting the crypto markets. The computer algorithms powered by ML can analyze and learn from huge data sets.

ML-driven computer programs improve themselves with changing data. This helps them to maintain top performance in a fast-changing environment. ML-powered trading tools can deliver the best results in all market conditions, given their ability to adapt to changing market conditions.

These tools are particularly important in the highly dynamic crypto markets. The rapid changes in the crypto markets make this asset class super risky to trade. ML-driven trading tools reduce this risk by adapting to the market changes at breathtaking speeds.

All the Bit Index AI trading tools are driven by ML to ensure great results in all market conditions. Our trading research tools use ML algorithms to study and learn from the market data. This helps them improve accuracy as they interact with data.

The ML technology makes the trading research process easy. With our ML-powered tools, any complete beginner can trade like a pro right from the first day. You will find a detailed trading guide in our resources centre.

This guide offers a layman’s explanation of the provided trading tools. Use the guide and the demo platform to prepare before going live.


Trade the Crypto Cycles like a Pro through the Bit Index AI tools

No asset class in the world is as volatile as crypto. Leading digital currencies such as bitcoin experience massive price swings daily.

Bitcoin has gained or lost by tens of thousands on some days. The insane price swings are mostly triggered by the news. Also, bitcoin has a strong positive correlation with the stock market. This is because investors categorize crypto and stock as highly risky.

Investors tend to divest high-risk investments in uncertain times. This explains why the stock and crypto markets tend to plummet in recessions. Any trader must have the tools to help them capture the news and market events and capitalize on them.

News trading involves identifying and capitalizing upon volatility-driving information. The trader must be able to capture and trade the new information before the markets can adjust to it. Bit Index AI comes with high-quality tools to help you trade the news at high speed and accuracy.

High-speed and accurate data analysis and trading signal generation are the keys to success in crypto trading. We offer the tools to help you capture high-impact news and trade them. We also offer a regularly updated news feed and commentaries to help you stay on top of your trading game.

Use the news feed and commentaries to select the trading signals recommended by our trading tools. All the signals recommended by our AI-driven platform are well researched and likely profitable. But we do not guarantee returns since the crypto markets are heavily unpredictable.

Bit Index AI offers tools to help you trade all market cycles. You can use our advanced research tools to capture and implement short-selling opportunities. The short-selling technique helps you earn profits at falling prices. Crypto short-selling can be lucrative if implemented accurately.

Any complete beginner can trade with the Bit Index AI trading tools easily. You will be assigned to a dedicated manager on signing up to walk with you through the first steps of trading. Most beginners master our trading tools within a few hours of practice.

You practice on the Bit Index AI demo platform until you have mastered the trading tools. The trading tools should be a breeze if you have practised on the demo. We offer trading tools through an underlying broker. Consequently, some of the trading resources are provided through the broker.

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Bit Index AI Review – The Top 5 Things Every Trader Should Know!

Bit Index AI uses AI to improve trading decisions
Bit Index AI is Machine Learning-Driven
Bit Index AI website is secured through the AES256 encryption
You won’t pay anything to use the Bit Index AI platform
Bit Index AI helps you trade up to 300 crypto CFDs
Bit Index AI is worth the risk, but the profits aren't guaranteed


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