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How do I change the Bit Index AI account settings?

We offer a feature to help you sieve through our tools and apply only the relevant ones. You can find this feature on the header of the trading dashboard.

Click on it to open the settings page. Use the provided form to specify your trading goals and click the submit button. You will redirect to a page with the tools that suit your trading goals. Click on each tool and follow the prompts to apply it to trading.

What do I need to start using the Bit Index AI tools?

Bitcoin Index AI is a brand name providing hundreds of tools to make your trading journey easy. The platform is free of charge for retail traders. Professional wealth managers will pay a fee for each of the tools.

The tools for professional wealth management are superior to those used for retail trading. We do not charge license fees for retail trading tools. The only applicable payment is the commission per trade. We take 2% of the profits made through our tools. The linked brokers provide competitive spreads.

How do I access the Bit Index AI copy trading platform?

Bitcoin Trader doesn’t offer copy trading. However, the underlying broker does. You need to navigate through the MT4 to identify the copy trading feature.

We are working on a tool to help traders identify the best copy traders. This tool will be available in the next few months. We may also introduce a platform for matching traders with the best signals in the next year. Subscribe to our mailing list to be notified when this feature is available.

How does Bit Index AI pricing work?

Bitcoin Index AI is a free resource for traders from all experience levels. We offer many tools to help you take your trading game to the next level.

Most of the tools under this platform are free. We only charge a small fee for the tools dedicated to professional traders. Retail traders only pay a small commission when profitable. However, trading fees apply on the side of the assigned broker. These fees are in the form of highly competitive spreads.




What is day trading?

Day trading involves the buying and selling of a security within a day. This approach to trading is categorized among the fast-paced trading methods.

The goal is to capitalize on short-term asset price movements. A good day trading platform should support the buying and selling multiple assets. Moreover, it should connect to quality liquidity for instant order execution. We provide the tools to help you become a successful online day trader.

How much do I need to become a day trader?

That depends on your choice of broker. Some brokers allow you to get started with as little as $250, while some may require as much as $10,000.

Some may even require as little as $10, but we strongly advise starting on such a small capital deposit. A $250 deposit is a good starting point for beginners. You turn this small amount into fortunes through tools like the ones provided on our platform. Trading happens through leverage; hence, such a small amount can grow into a fortune quickly.

How much does a beginner take to master day trading?

Day trading through traditional methods is complicated. A beginner trader could take months to master the basics of trading.

The trading tools under our platform eliminate the complexity of trading. These tools are AI-based and can be used by any beginner. A beginner trader only needs a few hours to master trading through the tools. AI technology improves the accuracy of the generated signals by more than 90%.

What is margin trading, and how does it impact my account?

Margin trading or leveraged trading involves using borrowed funds to magnify trades. The trading margin is provided by the underlying broker relative to the invested capital.