Crypto Basics

One of the most lucrative ways to generate income online is through online trading. You can place bets on thousands of assets in four different asset classes. These asset classes include forex, stock, market indices, and crypto. We have highlighted the basics of crypto trading below.

How online trading works

Online trading has gained massive popularity in the last 10 years. The rise in popularity is a result of the introduction of new trading technologies. Among these technologies are Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven trading research tools. Online trading involves placing bets on the ups and downs of given asset prices.  

Financial assets traded online

Thousands of financial assets can be traded over the web. These financial assets revolve around the four major asset classes. The asset classes include stock, forex, market indices, commodities and crypto. Bit Index AI is developed for stock, forex, and crypto trading.

The role of financial brokers in online trading

Financial brokers are the intermediaries between the traders and the global liquidity pools. These brokers match the buy and sell orders. Some brokers act as liquidity providers. These brokers are known as market makers. Other liquidity providers include banks, financial institutions, and principal trading firms.

Trading platforms used in online trading

Online trading happens through the platforms provided by the financial broker. The MT4 and the cTrader are the most popular online trading platforms today. These platforms come with a variety of tools to help you research on a wide variety of financial instruments. Bit Index AI offers more tools to be used through the MT4 and the cTrader.